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Dixon Dance Academy offers a wide variety of classes at our two studio locations.

Please click on the sections below for class schedules and more information.

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W. Dundee Studio Registration Form

West Dundee Class Schedule
Winter / Spring 2018

DDA Spring 2018

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for more information


Centre of Elgin Schedule

Spring 2018

Centre of Elgin

Master Classes

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Master Classes

Please check back, as we will be constantly updating our
Master Class Calendar.

Code of Conduct for Students:

  • There is no gum chewing allowed
  • NO food or drink besides water is allowed on the dance floor except during parties and special occasions. Birthday treats can be held until the end of class and sent home
  • Appropriate language must be used at all times while at the studio
  • Repeated tardiness or absences will not be tolerated
  • Unkind behavior towards other students or teachers will not be tolerated
  • Students will ask their teacher for permission to leave a class in session for any reason
  • No use of cell phones during a lesson
  • Parents or students should call the studio office to notify the teacher of an absence before the class

Dance Dress Codes:

Please view our Dress Code and Dancewear Requirements page for more information.